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A lover of imagination, Jack Bethel has been always curious. Astronomy or architecture, sailing or sleeping, the edge of human endeavor, or a good book and hot chocolate before a winter fire—Jack believes there is human experience in all pursuits. All with a story to tell. In golf, every so often, a player on the green makes a stroke of the ball toward the hole. Almost always, whether or not the ball goes in, the player lifts the ball and studies it for a moment as if predicting the future. Maybe the ball will tell the golfer why they missed the last putt, or perhaps the player is communicating to the ball what to do next time.

For Jack, that is the essence of a story. It does not matter what genre he writes, it is that intangible element of humanity he is in search of. A story reveals selfishness or nobility. It exposes truth or evil, amazement or indifference. Like moths circling a light, we’re drawn to another person’s narrative—whether by fascination or revulsion. A Story unites or divides, but in the end, story…tells.

From his earliest days, Jack has enjoyed the land of pretend. He loves imagining when overwhelming underdogs find ways to triumph over an oppressive injustice. He even ponders the basics: what if, during an argument, we got to say the truly smart things we wanted to say, but didn’t think of until after the argument was over? Jack says he will never understand why we do the things we do, say the things we say, or hurt others or ourselves … but it is endearing or entertaining; it’s storytelling. 

Lives are a swirling tapestry of color, character, and chaos from which a great story emerges. As the son of a Marine, and through his own service in the Navy, Jack had the opportunity to see America from both coasts, as well as to live in Hawaii and overseas in the Dominican Republic. He’s been blessed to experience a wide range of travel to Asia, Europe, and Africa. All these places left impressions on Jack—as well as a deep appreciation for people, their lives, emotions, conflict, fears, and triumphs.

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