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Playing out the string, Father Blaise Alexander is ready for retirement. But it appears the Almighty still has some work left for the Padre, as he is known by his congregation and fellow townspeople in the desert town of Page. After performing a series of unintended miracles, global media descends on Page. Among the gathering is the Reverend Josiah Proffit, one of the nation's leading televangelists, who brings his own agenda to discredit the Padre.

As the world struggles to comprehend this divine breakthrough, more shocking bombshells drop proverbially from the heavens.

Since the dawn of time man has sought after God. But deep in his inner soul, more than anything else, man yearns for a manifestation of His existence. Because as much as faith can move a mountain, in the end, just once, ...seeing is believing. 
Do you want to see a miracle? Can the Almighty heal an angry, alcoholic priest and a greedy, arrogant televangelist? Come to Page and see.

Miracle In Page - Rain of Light


Is God on a spiritual search and rescue mission? In A Miracle in Page: The Gathering, Father Blaise Alexander, a humble parish priest with a broken relationship with the Almighty as well as his only daughter, Janey, performs a series of unintended miracles, each seemingly larger than the last. Suddenly the world is on notice and a media firestorm has descended on the northern Arizona town of Page. Are the miracles a hoax? Will Father Blaise find moral and spiritual redemption? Come to Page and find out in the amazing conclusion of the Miracle in Page series.

Deep Plant Jack Bethel


An Archivist at Rosarkhiv—where Russia houses its most sensitive records—stumbles into possession of a discredited KGB plot: Polar Strike.

Its goal is to create a secret cadre of brainwashed, deeply inserted moles; if activated, they would destroy America’s chain of command in the event of a Soviet first nuclear strike. Now dismantled, the scheme failed to produce any successful sleeper agents. Except one.

The grandson of Russian immigrants, Christopher Ford has risen through the ranks in New York City and into the US Senate. Since grade school, he has been running for office. Senator Ford, and his brilliant and stunning wife Mallory, have created a charmed life—a universe filled with sycophants and politicians seeking to orbit their political sun. But as the newly elected Vice President and Mrs. Ford arrive in Washington DC, a long-dead ghost from deep out of the Cold War threatens to destroy their ascendant Camelot.

A new president is about to take power, and the KGB plot has lurched into motion. A greed-filled Oligarch. A Swedish hitwoman versus a Russian mobster. Unlikely allies form to fight for survival—from Russian file rooms to the FBI and NYPD.

It’s Inauguration Day in America. But is it freedom or evil taking the Oath of Office?

They Say

Great Plot, Well Written

Deep Plant- " This book was a well written, easily read, novel about Russian attempts to infiltrate the US government, starting from Lenin’s time, continuing till today. I think it is relevant to today’s politics and provides a look, although fictional, into government practices. The characters seem realistic, the plot moves quickly and ties together well. I hope there will be a sequel."

A Hidden Gem of a Book

" A Miracle in Page, The Gathering is a delightful surprise. It will make you think about the unexpected ways that God can work through people who are flawed and even broken. It is a reminder that we are all flawed and no matter how broken, challenged, or tired we might be, God has the power to transform any life into a tool for his glory. You will enjoy the descriptive development of this story as you read through the rapidly passing chapters. A great book to include in your summer reading list."

God Uses Broken People

A Miracle in Page: Rain of Light- " Finally, the long awaited conclusion of the Miracle in Page ties the story together with beauty and hope. In this life, and for centuries before today God uses broken people and sinners to reach others. In this way we learn that everyone has value and God loves us all. This book is uplifting and leaves you with hope and perhaps a little more informed."

I Believe In Miracles

A Miracle In Page: The Gathering- " I read for the pleasure of a well told story penned by a good writer. A Miracle in Page: The Gathering, is that and more. It's about human frailty and strength. It's about faith in yourself, your fellow man and a higher power. Thought provoking, this is an intriguing story with a myriad of well developed characters, any one of whom could headline a story of their own. I love that the author allows the reader to be one of those characters. It's as if we are there in Page watching the events unfold and drawing our own conclusions without all the facts just like most of the characters in the book. I went directly from The Gathering to Rain of Light, second book in the series. I fervently hope there will be more Miracles in Page."

Suspense, Love, Intrigue. It's Got It All!

Deep Plant- " Great read! This novel was intriguing and suspenseful. The characters were so well developed I felt a connection to them. I couldn't put it down."

A Book of Our Times

Deep Plant- " The past and present rivalry between the United States and Russia lies at the heart of this fictional account bringing to life Faulkner’s aphorism “The past is never dead. It is not even past.” The story is a masterful interweaving of history and fiction creating a narrative that is engaging and thought-provoking. The sweep of the novel is broad embracing the birth of the Soviet Union, with a particular emphasis on the Soviet security agencies and leaders, through the Cold War and into contemporary challenges in the Post-Cold War era.

The story takes us inside competing versions of the American Dream. One is the classic immigrant story of coming to America for a better life, in this case for a Russian family, with the second generation achieving status and success that includes notable success in law enforcement and national politics. Within three generations of arrival in the United States, the Forondopov/Ford family produces a celebrated police detective and a lawyer/politician who ascends to within a heartbeat of the Presidency. The other is a darker version of the American Dream. A world peopled by immigrants involved in the mean streets of NYC and Brighton Beach. A world of the Russian mob and its American tentacles dominated by a shadowy figure, Slaga, known as Specter. He lives in the violent world of former Soviet special forces, now mercenaries and opportunists who move easily between the worlds of the West and Russia seeking wealth, influence, and power by whatever means required. Linking and indelibly shaping the world of the Russian emigres regardless of version of the American Dream, is the failed but still very much alive and malignant Soviet system, world view, and characters recreated in Putin’s Russia.

The book is particularly timely in light of the Trump Presidency and the unfolding relationship, at the personal and policy level, between Trump and Putin and Putin’s Russia. In Deep Plant, a significant and horrifying scientific breakthrough holds the promise of creating a new world order driven by Russian/Soviet imperatives with America reduced and controlled. Ironically, old-fashioned greed and narcissism fueled and enabled by right wing media, power-focused political elites, and popular reactions to change (racial, economic,social, demographic) have arguably managed to produce US policy reversals toward Russia and disruption of US world leadership, alliances, and economic systems consistent with Russian aims sans any implant or extraordinary scientific breakthrough. Deep Plant indeed."


"Deep Plant" written by Jack Bethel is an artful and amazing political thriller with an exquisite plot. The ever changing political developments between America and Russian Federation assure no shortage of unpredictable and disturbing events, all loaded with incredible tension and hidden dangers.

But while it is understandable that Russia would seek and advantage over their traditional rival, it is the betrayal by one of your own that is hard to fathom.
"Deep Plant" explores the paradox of a seemingly harmless next door neighbor like in the TV show "The Americans", who is deceitful operative of your enemy.

Many of us leading semi happy, decent lives refuse to acknowledge the disturbing notion of such reversal of order.
However, the KGB concocting an intricate scheme of planting their moles on American soil is real and denying it is no longer considered rational behavior.

A decades long political dance is nowhere near the end, and never will be. The question is, who gets tired first and allows their weaknesses to opened doors to a devastating reckoning of catastrophic proportion.

Jack, what an incredible read! Thank you for this amazing experience."

Great Book And Incredible Read

Deep Plant- " Well Mr. Jack Bethel you did it again. A different genre but the same great writing style and another great storyline. I appreciate how many pathways turn into one by the end of the book. Very creative and well thought out. Readers can expect to be well entertained and relate to at least one of the unique characters. I enjoyed this book tremendously."

Go Ahead...Get Started You Won't Stop

A Miracle In Page: The Gathering- " Read The Gathering and you won’t be able to resist the sequel. That’s because you’ll fall in love with the people of Page; even find a soft place in your heart for Father Blaise, a Vietnam vet with an alcohol problem, and the sometimes arrogant Rev. Profitt, who was indirectly responsible for a teenaged girl’s death. There are plenty of twists and turns and no one is squeaky clean in Jack’s book. That’s what makes it even more amazing when God uses broken people to perform astounding miracles that cause a busy world to pause. At a time when the world feels pretty hopeless, Jack reminds us that God is still in the miracle business and he just might use us - whether we believe it or not."

The Story Pulled Me Into Another World!

Deep Plant- "It's enjoyable to read a story that draws you into another world. The characters have the same effect. Their past and present as created by Jack Bethel make you want to see their future. Well researched the story weaves through the fabric of Cold War history. The story and suspense pulled me in. I was compelled to keep reading and see what would happen next. I Loved it!"

Phenomenal Read

Deep Plant- " Incredible thriller! Great premise and more than a bit scary to contemplate. This book is one of the most detailed, well researched books I've read. I felt like I was in each city, each building, each situation along the way & also learned quite a bit about Russia. The characters were vivid - their personalities and psyches palpable. The "bad guys" were terrifying! Enjoy the ride!"

Great Story!

" A Miracle In Page, a book I enjoyed very much, I am anxiously awaiting the sequel. As a Christian this book spoke volumes to me. There isn't any person in the book that is a perfect Christian, and neither am I, that is why the book seemed so alive to me, the characters seemed real, the events that occur in the book are fascinating, I forgot for awhile that this book is fictional! As I was reading the book I felt that I was a friend to many of the characters, therefore, I was sad when I came to the end of the book because I wanted to know more about their lives. Jack Bethel you did a fabulous job of bringing this book to life. I will recommend to all of my friends and family. So worth the small amount of money you are charging for this book!"

Great Read

Deep Plant- " This is a fun book to read, it's hard to put down once you get into it! I love the mix of spy novel, action, history, thriller. The book is a fun journey through decades of events. Great characters; all were interesting and really made the book a page turner."

And this work contains echoes of that history ranging in ways great, the character of Blaise (and Paschal’s Wager)

Miracle in Page: The Gathering- " I am reading this book as Pope Francis I is making his visit to the United States. It is a modest fact of serendipity. I teach a course on the interplay of faith and reason in the Western philosophical tradition, and this work contains echoes of that history ranging in ways great, the character of Blaise (and Paschal’s Wager), to small, the bureaucratic process by which a “miracle” is authenticated (representing the balance of the worldly and the other worldly). Jack Bethel, like the reforming Pope Francis, is providing a vision of how religiosity can, or for believers should, shape our engagement with the visible and the invisible world.

There are three particularly striking features of this work for me. First is the backdrop of the story with its distinctly American cultural and physical setting, and cast of characters drawn from familiar figures in American religious life and suffering from, and afflicting others with, many of the ills and sins of contemporary life. Second, as a Catholic, the story does a very good job of illuminating the complexities of the institution of the Church and its human servants. Finally, it is a story about an interesting topic, the miraculous, that lies at the intersection of faith and reason.

This is an engaging story, and I eagerly look forward to reading its conclusion."

What a Fun Read!!!

A Miracle In Page: The Gathering- " This is a book that was hard to put down. The author understands what it takes to keep the reader engaged and flipping through pages, and chapters to get to the end. This book reminded me of the pacing you’d expect in a Dan Brown novel, Jack Bethel grabs your imagination, and then pulls you through the twists and turns of his story. It’s easy to identify with the characters, and I found myself anxiously awaiting the outcome, only to be disappointed that it was over for now. Great book!!"

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